Once you’ve finished editing the Lightroom catalog, and you’ve scrolled through to double check everything there’s just a few steps to wrap up each assignment:

Culling & Edit Totals: Once you've completed your culling and editing in Lightroom please add a comment on your Edit task in Asana to note your totals for each.

  • Culling Tasks: Comment the total number of rejected images. Please only comment with a numerical entry.
  • Edit Task: Comment the total number of edited images in the catalog. Please include any proofs provided in the catalog.


Upload your completed catalog file: Close Lightroom and then we only need your Lightroom Catalog (.lrcat) file in return, not zipped. You can attach your catalog file directly to your assigned Edit task in Asana. You don’t need to send a share link, we're automatically notified once the file has uploaded within Asana. Please do not rename the catalog file at any time.

Check off your tasks: Once you've entered in your culling and edit totals, and you've uploaded your Lightroom Catalog you can check off your assigned tasks in Asana, using the check mark button on the right side of the list for each corresponding task.

Invoicing: Next step is to add the assignment to your invoice. We recommend using Invoicely if you don’t already have a system in place. They have a free service to create and track invoices. Please send 1 invoice per month for any assignments during that periods. All invoices are due by the 21st of each month. All payments are by direct deposit for each months invoice. Deposits are generally between the 2nd and 6th of each following month. You can find the pay amount noted for each assignment in your Edit task comments.