Please watch this video for an overview of our Lightroom workflow:

EDITING REQUIREMENTS: Experience and efficiency with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, using Lightroom Presets and knowledge of manual adjustment processes, using filters, flags, and ratings. Familiarity with basic photography fundamentals. General rules of thumb are:

  • Correct images to natural color balance and adhere to any specific style preferences and provided proofs with each project. Including any creative styles sparingly; black and white, film emulation, etc, as noted, or otherwise specified by the project manager and/or client.

  • Crop and/or straighten all photos when specified in the projects style preferences, or when applicable for optimal composition & presentation. Actual percentage may vary depending on the photographer's style and skill level. We recommend keeping in mind rule of thirds, and cropping out bad edges; such as hands, arms, people, light switches, bottles, etc, where they can easily be removed with a crop.

  • Adjust for cohesive exposure balance and consistency of contrast, shadows and highlights for a natural style.

  • Do not re-edit any provided proofs in a project catalog. These have already been processed and delivered to the client and should be used as a point of reference for your editing work.

  • Use of spot removal, global noise reduction and global sharpening tools when needed. If extensive spot removal (such as for sensor debris), or other corrective tools, please let us know to review for any needed payment adjustments.

  • Use of lens profile corrections when specified in the project’s style preferences. Generally with images with visible distortion or vignetting, often with 35mm focal length or wider.

  • Ask yourself if you’d be happy with the completed work if you were the client. If not, and you’ve tried to fix any issues, please contact your project manager  to review together to determine course of action.