Adobe Lightroom

Upon submitting your order you'll be asked to upload a ZIP file containing your Adobe Lightroom Classic or CC/6 Catalog + Smart Previews. Once we receive the order form, we'll download the files and let you know they've been received here.

To send us your Lightroom files, you’ll need to build the Smart Previews in your Lightroom Catalog. We recommend making a new Lightroom Catalog for each order you're submitting. There are two ways to build the Smart Previews; upon import, or after import.

To build upon import: Click on the Build Smart Previews option in the File Handling options. You’ll find this the top righthand corner of the import screen:

To build after import: In Library mode, select all of your imported images (Mac: command+A, Windows Cntrl+A). Then from the dropdown menu go to Library > Previews > Build Smart Previews:

The Smart Previews may take a few minutes to complete building depending on how many images you have imported. You’ll see the status bar in the top left of the screen. Once completed you can then go through and make any edits you’d like to include. We recommend flagging your edits with a color, such as red, and include in the notes what we should look for.

Once you’ve completed making any edits and updates to your Lightroom Catalog you can quit Lightroom and open the folder where your Catalog and you should see the following files:

  • Lightroom Catalog file (.lrcat)
  • Smart Previews file (.lrdata)
  • (optional) Previews file (.lrdata)

When sending Lightroom files, we ask that you send a single ZIP file when using Dropbox. Once you have your new zip file, you can drop it in your dropbox folder and then copy & paste the share link or choose the file upload option when submitting your order form.

RAW Files

If you're submitting RAW, DNG or JPG files for processing, we'll follow up with a file request link during our operating hours; Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm PST, closed US Holidays.

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