I have been working with Pxlvue for over a year. I shoot a large variety of work from weddings to corporate headshots. I've been thrilled with the service I receive from Pxlvue. I feel like they are a true partner in my business. They have been quick to understand my personal photography style and are always very responsive to any special requests and feedback. They are pleasant to work with and incredibly quick to respond to any questions and requests. And most importantly, their work is consistent. I'm so happy to have found them! - Photography by Nikki Cole 

I needed to find a way to be able to book more elopements and still have time for my family life as well, I was looking online for a solution and outsourcing the editing was my answer! I LOVE Josh and the team at Pxlvue. I know that my photos will be edited in a way if I was to have edited them myself. Pxlvue listens to my needs with each elopement I submit and doesn't mind making any changes I request. They respond to emails promptly and has even helped me with some personal technical issues I have here and there with uploading files or importing to Lightroom. With ease of workflow & peace of mind, I know my clients get the very best aesthetically pleasing photos. If you want some time back in your life AND still want to present perfectly edited photos to your clients, call Pxlvue today. They are the real deal and just great, honest people. They give you updates often so there are never any guesses on when your photos will be delivered. - Ibay Photography


Pxlvue has been one of the best decisions I've made for my business. They are so knowledgeable with Lightroom and using it at it's full capacity, editing images way better than I ever could. They take great care in making sure my images are editing consistently with my style. I have more time to put into other aspects of my business and life balance with having Pxlvue doing the huge editing piece for me.  - Yasmin Khajavi Photography

Being full time wedding photographers for over 11 years there is nothing more important to us than delivering consistently beautiful images. They are quite literally the foundation of our business. While outsourcing became necessary many years ago, it had always been a frustrating experience. We worked with several other companies and the images they delivered were always "in the ballpark" but never what we could deliver. There was always more work to be done on our part. Once we discovered Pxlvue everything changed. They worked tirelessly with us to learn exactly what we wanted to deliver to our clients. Close wasn't good enough for them - they care about our work and much as we do. The process of dialing in our images with them also had the added benefit of tightening up our brand and allowing us to raise prices. One year later Steele photography and Pxlvue work like a well oiled machine. Our brand has never looked better and most importantly we can deliver consistent images with very little work on our part which is the whole point of outsourcing! To anyone considering Pxlvue we would say give them a shot and see what outsourcing should be like. With their free trial you have nothing to loose and everything to gain! - Steele Photography

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