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What services does Pxlvue provide?

With our post production services we'll process your images and apply adjustments according to your chosen preferences for exposure & color correction. This includes using your preset of choice, as well as cropping and other standard adjustments & features listed here, resulting in a consistent and cohesive final product…

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What file formats do you accept?

We can work directly with your Adobe Lightroom Classic (v8) Catalog & provided Smart Previews. This is generally the easiest way to transfer your images to us for editing, and us to deliver back to you.

If you don't use Adobe Lightroom...

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Do you work with Lightroom presets?

We work with a number of presets from companies such as Mastin Labs, VSCO, Tribe Archipelago, Noble Signature and others. We also can work with you to create custom presets, or use your own provided presets for application with your orders.

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How do I submit my files?

Upon submitting your order you'll be asked to upload a ZIP file containing your Adobe Lightroom Classic or CC/6 Catalog + Smart Previews. Once we receive the order form, we'll download the files and let you know they've been received here....

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Can Pxlvue cull my images?

We do offer culling as an additional option with each order. We carefully chose images to showcase your very best work. On the order form you can chose a fixed number or a percentage of images to omit. There are several aspects in which images we choose to keep and omit...

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What are your turnaround times?

From when both the order form and your files are received here, our standard turnaround is 5 - 10 business days. Orders submitted containing 1500+ images may require extended turnaround based on availability for time required to complete services…

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